Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Headset Jazz: A Lalo Schifrin Collection

It's taken me quite a long time to put this mix together. Originally, it was 3.5 hours long, so condensing it down to 1.2 was quite a challenge.

I was introduced to Schifrin as a pretty young child. My dad was a huge fan, but even with that influence, I myself, didn't become a Lalofanatic until only a few years ago. My obsession with his work has almost become a bit of a joke between me, my wife, and our friends. There's only been 1 vinyl of his that I've ever passed up purchasing and I still regret it.

Lalo Schifrin began composing songs for Dizzy Gillespie at age 24, and joined his quintet at age 28. Gillespie was with MGM at the time and they began offering Schifrin his first films. From the beginning, he's always had a very unique sound to his compositions, blending jazz, blues, unconventional time signatures and instrument combinations. Yet, all the while, remaining both the underscore in films and simultaneously strong enough to stand alone outside of them. He's won 4 Grammy's and has been nominated for a total of 21. He also had a young John(ny) Williams as pianist during many of his recordings during the early to mid 60's. Listen to Williams' earliest scores and you'll hear quite a bit of Schifrin influence.

The name Headset Jazz came from a song title from Schifrin's score for Enter The Dragon. It seemed a very fitting name for a Schifrin album. Yes, you can play it in the background, but there's so much depth to this music, headphones would be a good choice.

01. The Wave
02. On The Way To San Mateo
03. Old Laces
04. Laniakea Waltz
05. The Trick
06. Solaris
07. Into The Night
08. Secret Code
09. Prelude #2
10. Mannix (Long Version)
11. Halieva Blues
12. Danube Incident
13. Hotel Daniels
14. Burning Bridges (Album Version)
15. Vaccinated Mushrooms
16. Lap Dance Club
17. Double Feature
18. Macumba
19. Headset Jazz
20. The Killer
21. Murmúrio
22. Machinations
23. Gone With The Wave
24. Bachianas Brasileiras #5
25. But Not For Me
26. The Shadow
27. Clairmont Waltz
28. Bullitt (End Title)

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