Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Flaming Lips!!!!!!!

My wife & I had the INCREDIBLE PRIVILEGE of getting to see The Flaming Lips, not one, but two nights in a row at The Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

Night 1 was The Soft Bulletin in it's entirety and night 2, Pink Floyd's: Dark Side of the Moon.  Soft Bulletin is my favorite Lips album and Dark Side of the Moon is my favorite album of all time.  To say it was a special couple of nights just doesn't give it justice.  But, I'm still at too much of a loss of words to say anything else.

Alice took a handful of photos.  I'm gonna let her save the majority for her blog, but I couldn't resist posting a couple here.  Thank you to The Flaming Lips for the best two nights of my life.  Seriously.

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